Finish Your Bankruptcy…Update Your Credit Report

If you have gone through a bankruptcy, there is one more step you need to do to finish your case and get back on track.   Update your credit report.  We all know the importance of building and maintaining a proper credit report.  We help attorneys and debtors fix errors on their credit reports.  Don’t wait get started now.

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The Reaffirmation Issue: What to do if a Credit Report is Not Reporting Your Payments (Article 2 of 3)

This is the second of a three part series on the issue of not signing a reaffirmation agreement in your bankruptcy and the effect it has on credit reports. Part 1 can be found here and Part 3 here.

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A recent client after performing a RocketDog Report update and checking her credit reports, she found the following four (4) items:

  • After doing the RocketDog Report updater, she was given a transaction id# which gave her access to a human being at the credit reporting agency.
  • Her car lender, Toyota Motor Credit, was not posting any credit reporting, either positive or negative.
  • Her home lender, Chase, was not posting any credit reporting, either positive or negative.
  • An old debt, Fashion Bug, was still reporting on her credit report.

Transaction ID:  By performing an update, the client was sent a transaction ID which allowed her to access a phone number to Experian and Equifax.  She was actually able to speak to a live human being who helped her!  She was able to use this number to fix the Fashion Bug reporting issue.

Reaffirmation and Credit Reporting:  When talking to the credit reporting agency, she learned that her home lender, Chase Bank, would not report her payments due to her lack of a reaffirmation agreement.  However, when talking to her Chase, they agreed to report her payment history.

Let me repeat that, Chase Bank apparently WILL report a payment history without a reaffirmation agreement.  We were quite shocked to learn this, and I am still waiting to see proof to make sure.  And, if this is true, this is the first bank to do what we believe is right in regards to credit reporting.  What is right is the truthful and accurate payment history on a credit report after bankruptcy even if no reaffirmation agreement is filed.   To read more about Reaffirmation Agreements and Credit Reporting Click Here.  


(1) First is, kindly remember, it takes effort by you, the consumer, to track down and clean up your credit history. In light of the recent 60 Minutes episode on this subject, this is more important than ever. (Click here for the 60 Minutes: overtime show to learn the steps involved in updating your report.  Or contact us, to assist you directly.

(2) Second is, we at RocketDog Reports are not a “traditional credit repair agency” nor do we seek to be.  Our goal is to give YOU the education and tools you need to update your own credit reports.  Since we are not a traditional credit repair agency, we cannot promise or guarantee that the bureaus will do what they are supposed to do, just as highlighted in the 60 Minutes Expose.

In sum, we have no special power more than you to make them do what is lawful or right. We can get them to what is lawful and right with our knowledge and processes.  Email me here at


Raef J. Granger, Esq.