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RocketDog Reports, LLC is a company that assists consumers with their Credit Reports with the three major credit bureaus, Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

We assist consumers by educating and providing the tools they need to communicate with the credit bureaus themselves to ensure their credit reports are truthful and accurate.

We provide all the letters you need and follow up information your require.  The price is $55.00.

Email us if you would like to order one of our packets.

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of creating a mobile app which will be available on iphone, android, and pc.

~Raef Granger, Esq. and CEO & Daniel Craine, Esq. and V.P. (November 2016)

Client Testimonials

I was one who went through bankruptcy after facing a perfect storm of divorce during “The Great Recession” in 2008. RocketDog Reports made updating my credit history easy, timely, and very convenient. Later, a creditor tried collecting on one my discharged debts by trying to convince me there was no bankruptcy on my SS#. It was such an empowering feeling to tell them I KNOW there’s bankruptcy on my SS# because I notified the bureaus in writing myself with Rocket Dog. I got no more hassles, and I’m well on my way to rebuilding credit… ~Michael.  2012


After the bankruptcy was discharged, I used RocketDog Reports and my credit score is now over 700. I would highly recommend contacting RocketDog Reports if you are considering filing for bankruptcy or if you need guidance with your personal debt situation.
~D. K.  2012


My bankruptcy attorney referred me to RocketDog reports, in effort to ensure the credit bureau’s were reporting the most current and accurate information post filing. I was a little hesitant at first, however, Attorney Granger and his staff walked me through each stage of the process that would help me improve my credit post filing. Within 30 days of completing the process with RocketDog, my wife and I applied for credit and was approved. I would recommend Attorney Granger and his staff to anyone looking for a seamless process to ensure they are on the right track to re-establishing credit after bankruptcy.
~G.C. 2013

Note:  The law requires the credit bureaus to update and change any incorrect information.  They often fail to do so.  We cannot guarantee they will with our process, but we guarantee nothing will change if you do nothing regarding the errors on your credit report.

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